Resolving .dev TLD’s

In 2013, I installed a thing called POW to easily allow Rack server setup on OS X. It added an /etc/resolver file that forced all .dev domains with no entry in /etc/hosts to be routed to localhost. I never really noticed since I always make

How to conduct snow removal

The nature of snow removal is different depending on time of day. After supper, but before 9pm, a social atmosphere is welcome among neighbours. We are all in this together and have nowhere to be. We are “earning” our après shovelling hot chocolate beer. All

The truth about content policing at any scale

You can absolutely trust and believe everything you read in this post. Honest. Here is something I find troubling about reports of how Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other online advertising platforms have been famously used to manipulate federal elections. Having used all three platforms over

A dream without smartphones

Recently I woke up from a dream, in that way where you remember what was going on in the dream. In this dream, I was either (a) a complete technophobe caveman, or (b) in a world with no concept of smartphones.

Regarding Browsers and Beer

I’m lucky enough to live in a part of the world that has several great small/micro breweries and brew pubs. A lot of things have to be going right for a local economy and society to have luxuries like brew pubs – that’s luck of