The Truth About Content Policing at any Scale

You can absolutely trust and believe everything you read in this post. Honest. Here is something I find troubling about reports of how Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other online advertising platforms have been famously used to manipulate federal elections. Having used all three platforms over

A dream without smartphones

Recently I woke up from a dream, in that way where you remember what was going on in the dream. In this dream, I was either (a) a complete technophobe caveman, or (b) in a world with no concept of smartphones.

Regarding Browsers and Beer

I’m lucky enough to live in a part of the world that has several great small/micro breweries and brew pubs. A lot of things have to be going right for a local economy and society to have luxuries like brew pubs – that’s luck of

Can we replace paper cheques?

Banks are doing some really useful things with technology. I recall a time where I used to pay bills at a teller. Later I would place a cheque and a payment slip from a bill into an ATM. Of course for many years now all