A dream without smartphones

Recently I woke up from a dream, in that way where you remember what was going on in the dream.

I was in a familiar city, which I decided was San Francisco, but it wasn’t really. There were a series of moments where I found myself needing to know things. What time it was. Which part of town I was in. Was there a pay phone nearby so I could call and ask a friend. If there was a bus coming soon. Could I walk to my destination (wherever that was… I only recall being motivated to get somewhere in that same city).

Long story short: at no point did it occur to me to check my smartphone. And as I woke up from the dream – remembering all of these things – I immediately wondered why I didn’t have a smartphone.

In this dream, I was either (a) a complete technophobe caveman, or (b) in a world with no concept of smartphones.

Not trying to figure it out.