Aaron Whitman’s Autobiography

Or, about the author (that’s me)

I’m Aaron Whitman – a husband and dad. I dabble with gardening, ultimate, golf, guitar, wine, food, woodworking, fly fishing, and snow removal. I dig the science, math, sports, food, wine, history, science fiction, fantasy, spy, design, and programming genres of books, film, and people.

At my age I only allow the most delicious music, beer, and french pastries to enter my body. You won’t have to deal with it, because I won’t make it your problem. Usually I’ll try anything – once.

As President of a commerce agency, I work with clients who want to transform their businesses and with modern strategies, design, web standards, and ecommerce.

I make things for the web – like the ancient low-maintenance code base that is ProjectBirdie.com. I still write code most weeks at Able Sense – most often contributing to our Teleport and Exportify apps for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants.

Some people know me as the whatshisface of Oxford commas.

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