Google+ is elegant, but too much hassle

I think Google+ has nailed a lot of useful features, and has a great web interface. No question in my mind that if it launched before Twitter, I would think it is the best way for me to share with others online.

But it did not launch before Twitter, and now I have a list of Twitter-ers that I rather enjoy following and sharing with. I don’t want to pick and choose what I post to Twitter and what I post to Google+. I need to post to both automatically.

Popular options for posting from Google+ to Twitter

AgentG (a.k.a. Rob McGee)

The gist of this service is that you provide AgentG with access to your Twitter account, add Rob McGee to a Google+ circle, and the Tweets will flow. Cool hack by Mr. McGee — but I’m not interested in giving him (or anybody else) access to my Twitter account. Nothing personal (pun intended). Next.

SGPlus Chrome Extension

I use Chrome for Google+ so this seemed like a great fit. I started the download/install process and this alert popped up in Chrome:

SGPlus Confirm Too Much Access

Seriously? The service lured me in with:

“Complete social network integration: post to Facebook and Twitter, see your feeds inside Google Plus, and much more”

I guess “much more” means stuff I do not want them connecting with, including my “data on, and 5 other websites”. What 5 other websites? Come on!

Waiting for a desktop/mobile client

I understand and appreciate the spirit of hacking functionality into new services, and applaud the work of folks like Rob McGee. This pushes feature sets forward, and hopefully there is some future reward for their hard work if they’ve really hit the mark. I just happen to have a few hang-ups about giving access to my data to people and/or companies that I don’t think need it.

I use the Twitter client for Mac/iPhone to share on Twitter. This is what I am going to keep doing until there is a similar option for Google+. I suppose this means an API for Google+ first, since the Chrome browser is Google’s obvious choice for desktop users of “Plus”.

It would feel better to me if the Twitter for Mac client added a post to Google+ feature. Or if there was a some other Google+ client that posted to Twitter. In any case, I would want to be sure that my credentials for both Twitter and Google+ stayed on my computer and not in somebody else’s database with dubious security standards.

Cool? Yes. Hassle? Yes.

To recap: I dig Google+ but can’t do without Twitter. Now I’ve spent way too much time trying to find somebody else’s solution for making the two into a peanut butter cup. I’m out — or at least on hold — for now. Call me when there is less hassle, and I’ll start using Google+ again.

Please prove me wrong

I would like nothing more than for you to comment with the perfect solution that I have given up looking for.