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hCard parser H2VX not ready for HTML5 yet

Updated January 16, 2012 New frontiers come with unexpected challenges. I like using the hCard microformat in websites to make it easy for people to add contact information to their address books. I also like building websites in HTML5 for the semantics and am confident

Pitfalls of styling the HTML element

This was fun painful. On the new website design, I had foolishly applied some styles to the <html> element — specifically my font stack for the website. The particular selection of fonts was very important in making this mistake obscure: html { font-family: helvetica,

Markup after the HTML tag

From time to time when a web page renders strangely I’ll take a quick peak at the HTML source to see what kinds of extra scripts and remotely hosted resources are part of the page. The usual stuff (Google Analytics, Flickr Slideshows, Banner Ads, Facebook,