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Regarding Browsers and Beer

I’m lucky enough to live in a part of the world that has several great small/micro breweries and brew pubs. A lot of things have to be going right for a local economy and society to have luxuries like brew pubs – that’s luck of

Can we replace paper cheques?

Banks are doing some really useful things with technology. I recall a time where I used to pay bills at a teller. Later I would place a cheque and a payment slip from a bill into an ATM. Of course for many years now all

How to confuse and annoy website users

From Saturday, January 28th, 2012 on The web developers at CBC want to save me from an “older version of Internet Explorer”. That’s nice and all, but I’m on a Mac, using Firefox 10. Part of me blames Daniel Alfredsson, this is the kind

QR Codes should delight you

I love using QR Codes for what I believe their intended purpose is — to transfer a short string of data to somebody’s smart phone. Specifically, a URL for a responsively designed web site. Single-purpose mobile optimized web pages are ok in some circumstances too,