Online Strategy

Touch Interfaces Have Already Won

You don’t need to look any further than your nearest two year-old to see that websites and applications made for touch devices are more usable than those which are not. Do any of us really believe that non-responsive designs or “features” like fly-out menus on

QR Codes should delight you

I love using QR Codes for what I believe their intended purpose is — to transfer a short string of data to somebody’s smart phone. Specifically, a URL for a responsively designed web site. Single-purpose mobile optimized web pages are ok in some circumstances too,

Misleading Analytics Sure Feel Good

According to Google Analytics, one of the websites I’m involved with has a 105,200.00% increase in visits. I imagine the meeting at Google went something like this: Q: Should we just leave % Change blank until after 30 days of data? A: Nah, it will

This new business is support

Yesterday I got an email from a form on one of my web sites that usually means a new opportunity. In fact, when I see the subject/sender that is used by that form I often say to myself “here’s some new business”. This time it