Try this at home

How to conduct snow removal

The nature of snow removal is different depending on time of day. After supper, but before 9pm, a social atmosphere is welcome among neighbours. We are all in this together and have nowhere to be. We are “earning” our après shovelling hot chocolate beer. All

First coffee of spring

First coffee outside the farmer’s market this year! Unbelievable start to spring in Halifax. I’m told that it is technically still winter until 2:30 this afternoon – but my bubble will not burst.

DIY Birch Laptop Stand

Working on my laptop was starting to treat my spine badly.  Not just a physiotherapist’s concept of poor posture — rather — actual discomfort that I could notice myself.  It didn’t take too long after reading The DIY Cheapskate Laptop Stand for me to adapt

Wallpaper on the cieling

Our house has had one of those fluorescent tube light fixtures that are normally used to illuminate factories.  You know, a big rectangle with crystal-textured semi-transparent plastic that houses two long tube lights.  Why the previous owners installed this monster in a small bedroom is