Can we replace paper cheques?

Banks are doing some really useful things with technology. I recall a time where I used to pay bills at a teller. Later I would place a cheque and a payment slip from a bill into an ATM. Of course for many years now all

Touch Interfaces Have Already Won

You don’t need to look any further than your nearest two year-old to see that websites and applications made for touch devices are more usable than those which are not. Do any of us really believe that non-responsive designs or “features” like fly-out menus on

Misleading Analytics Sure Feel Good

According to Google Analytics, one of the websites I’m involved with has a 105,200.00% increase in visits. I imagine the meeting at Google went something like this: Q: Should we just leave % Change blank until after 30 days of data? A: Nah, it will

A List Apart’s 2010 Survey

Called “The Survey For People Who Make Websites” this is one for people like me to participate in.  I’ve completed 2008 and 2009 surveys as well and actually enjoy thinking about the questions the folks at ALA have compiled.  The results are always interesting when